Garden Design

Start Your Own Herb Garden

If you happen to’re trying to spruce up your garden this summer season and add a touch of glamour, then have you ever thought of planting a Mediterranean-themed garden? I’m delighted with it and this 12 months I hope to assault the upper backyard which is about 70 foot lengthy, so numerous oppertunites for creating separate areas of interest. With a bit flexibility current plants may be labored into the design of the new backyard. Vegetable and herb gardens are common elements, as well as fruit and nut bearing bushes, however secluded sitting areas and romantic blooms are equally important features of this design.

When planning your backyard design, get artistic and specific your self with art, unusual constructions and water features. A effectively-designed and planned garden gives added value to the property and, in some cases, increases the value of actual estate. Of the five mediterranean regions, the Mediterranean Basin is unique in representing a collage of cultures.

The quality of light in a mediterranean climate affords distinct alternatives for garden design. We provide quality Mediterranean, exotic and tropical plants from our own grown stock, in addition to handpicked specimens from premier European nurseries, including citrus and Mediterranean shares direct from Tuscany and naturalised in the UK. The Koran emphasizes the garden as an emblem of paradise, with water, shade, and fruitfulness as it’s ultimate elements.

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